Few words about us


Agricia (in Greek: αγροικία in English: farmhouse) in old times consisted of an isolated house (oikia) in owned agricultural land. Families that lived and managed Agricias (farmhouses), were in total harmonious coexistence with nature. They relied on nature not only for their nutrition but also for their trading. Quality Greek olive oil, pulses, fruits and herbs enjoyed highly position in the small productions of Agricias.

Towards these paths we continue to move on in Agricia. We manage olive groves, fruit-bearings and our whole agricultural production with respect to the environment and to human. At the same time we team up with other producers by exchanging products and unique Greek Mediterranean flavours.

Our vision is to distribute highly quality products of Greek Mediterranean diet in the whole world. So, Welcome to Agricia, an isolated house (oikia) in cyberspace, which invites you to discover the unique flavours hidden within.