Greek Mediterranean Nutrition

By December 15, 2016blog

Many researches have proven that traditional Mediterranean nutrition guarantees a healthier life and helps tremendously in preventing some illnesses and offering longevity and vigorousness. These researches revealed that Mediterranean nutrition and especially the traditional nutrition of Aegean Sea is mainly responsible for the healthiness and longevity of Aegean Sea inhabitants.

Greek Mediterranean nutrition is based on the use of olive oil. Pulses enriched with various spices of Mediterranean land, are an important link in the Mediterranean nutrition while honey is the main sweetening substance. The above four important ingredients of Mediterranean nutrition are completed with cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairies along with poultry meat while red or white wine complements the nutrition.

Though the advantages of Mediterranean nutrition are derived from the whole Mediterranean diet and not from an isolated use of a single ingredient, good olive oil possesses the biggest part of Mediterranean diet and its consumption plays important role in preventing several illnesses and diseases like heart diseases, coronary diseases plus in reducing blood pressure and diabetes. Additional the existence of phenols helps in preventing cholesterol.

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