Oleanthi Olive Oil

A unique extra virgin olive oil… Oleanthi. An olive oil consisting of the 2 most acknowledged Greek olive varieties – Manaki and Koroneiki. It is traditionally produced in one of the most fortunate and blessed areas of Greece, the area of Ermioni (Kranidi) in Peloponnesus. The olive fruit collection begins during mid-autumn at our small hillside olive groves. At that time the Manaki variety fruits are at immaturity stage whereas the Koroneiki variety fruits are entering a semi-maturity stage. The fruit is collected the same way our predecessors did it many generations back, always avoiding to traumatise the fruit.

The olives collected are immediately directed to a traditional olive mill where the production of Oleanthi begins. This oil, of unique quality and taste, is cold pressed with no additional chemical or other processing. This is how we produce pure, the flower (-anthos) of olive oils, Oleanthi! An extra virgin olive oil full with nutrients, unaltered and with low acidity which never exceeds the 0,4%. Oleanthi, with its bursting aroma, fruity taste and a slightly piquant aftertaste derives from our unique recipe, which combines the Manaki and Koroneiki varieties.

Our varieties:

Manaki or Agouromanaki (Olea Europaea var. Ovalis):
Manaki is an ancient Greek variety that is indigenous in a small area of Northeast Peloponnesus. Due to its limited spread it is considered and is one of the most distinctive olive varieties, which produces olive oil of exceptional quality. The produced olive oil has a golden-yellow colour, sweet and strong fruity taste with only a hint of piquant elements and a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Koroneiki (Olea Europaea var. Microcarpa):
Koroneiki is the Greek variety with the smallest fruit. It is the most recognised and awarded variety globally in relation to the oil produced. The Koroneiki olive oil has golden-green colour with a bursting fruity aroma with piquant elements and a piquant-bitter aftertaste.

Olive Groves:

Our olive groves consist of trees of the local indigenous variety Manaki and the Koroneiki variety. They are located in a hillside area looking over the blue of the Aegean Sea. Some of the trees are over 1000 old and all these years they have never been treated with chemical fertilisers. The olive groves are small in size and due to the traditional fruit collection manner the production is limited. However, for us in Agricia the focus is on quality and not on quantity. Hence we guarantee you the olive oil in Oleanthi bottles is exactly the same with the one we bring to our family table.

The Agricia Recipe:

For hundreds of years the olive groves of Agricia have been producing exceptional olive oil only of Manaki the indigenous variety. However, in the spring of the previous eon, there were several test plantations of another Greek variety, Koroneiki. With baby steps a new olive oil began to get produced from this distinctive variety. Thus, during the previous eon we have come to taste an olive oil deriving from both varieties (Manaki & Koroneiki). From the first drop it was distinct the difference in texture, colour and of course taste. The unique combination of the golden-yellow with golden-green, the fruity with piquant aftertaste, the unripe with the semi-ripe, which led in an explosion of aromas and taste has convinced us that this is one of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Collection and Production:

Oleanthi’s production is a family tradition. When the season comes for the fruit collection in mid-autumn, a feast begins that has its roots eons back. For us in Agricia, the beginning of the fruit collection from the olive trees means the gathering of all family members from all around Greece. Hence, for a significant amount of time our beloved people visit the olive groves. The fruit is collected solely by hand, without using any machinery. The fruits that have fallen on the ground on their own are left there. The olive groves are situated in such a location where the use of any kind of machinery is made impossible. It is a difficult and painful work. The olives after they are carefully removed from the tree they are directly transferred to the traditional olive mill. There is the place where the magical procedure of Oleanthi production occurs. With traditional cold pressing techniques and with no additional procedures to the 2 varieties, the globally unique extra virgin olive oil, Oleanthi, is produced. Hence, it is fair to say that Oleanthi is the flower (purest of all) olive oil. An extra virgin olive oil of unique taste and aroma which maintains its nutrients unaltered and acidity that never exceeds 0,4%. The same olive oil that we and our children consume is also offered to you in Oleanthi bottles.

That’s what Oleanthi is… a family affair!

Awards and Certifications:

pdobioAgricia’s olive oil has received Protected Designation of Origin label from the EU due to its distinctive climate and soil conditions, of the limited spread of the indigenous varieties as well as the distinguishing taste and quality of the olive oil produced in the area.

The majority of our olive groves do not or have ever been treated with fertilisers, pesticides or any other chemicals. The olive oil deriving from these olive groves is organic and has been certified from the largest and most acknowledged certification organisation for organic products in Greece, DIO.

The varieties Manaki and Koroneiki have been awarded in numerous tasting competitions and olive oil exhibitions globally.