IdistonHomemade Sauces

 Godmother’s homemade goodies

We at Agricia are proud and lucky not only for our fertile land thus our tasteful products but also because in our family “the next step” exists already. Dear members of our family are processing seasonal fruits and nuts without any conservatives. Idiston has been awarded with many prizes since 1997 where it started its business. We at Agricia trust Idiston thus we placed them among our products.

Attention: Idiston products are seasonal, hand selected, without any conservatives and in specific amounts. It is possible you might not always find your favoured sweets and jams if they are out of season like fig sweet in the winter or chestnut sweet in the summer.

Spicy plum sauce

Orange & honey sauce

Tomato sauce with basil & garlic

Feta stuffed Red Peppers